Stack Attack
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Number of players: 4
Furni required: Wired furni, separate colored boxes, fences, levers
Playing time: Varies greatly
Skills required: Reactions
Random chance: None


There is a waiting area, the control area, the playing area, and a vip area (optional). The waiting area is where people wait to get a turn, then they are teleported to the control area where the people control the boxes, and where the boxes are (playing area), it may have a base for the box to start in. The control area has four switches (up, down, left, right) that control the player's box.


The main object of the game is to stack (meaning to go over) your opponents boxes to eliminate them. Players do this by using switches placed aroun them to move the box in the direction they want it to go in. There is usually no time limit to the game.

Elimination Process

The usual process of someone getting eliminated is when they're box gets stacked on, the switches around them that the player uses to control their box moves, exposing tiles. Then the roller under the player rolls the player onto a tile so that the player can't avoid getting teleported out of the game.

Furni & Furni Uses

The usual furni used to play stack attack is:

  • Wired. The Wired is used to make the game run even if there is no host, and also to make the player control their box.
  • A stackable furni (usually the furni is the shape of a box). Stackable furni is used for the Stack part of Stack Attack so players can eliminate other players, and the most popular form is box shaped furni i.e. Presents, and Puzzle Boxes.
  • Puzzle Dividers (optional). Most games use Puzzle Dividers, because of the sleek design and the easy visibility of the playing field.
  • Wired: Addons. Wired Addons are used so the player can control their box. Wired Addons include, Switches, Colored Tiles, and Pressure Plates.
  • Mannequins (optional). The mannequins that are used, are usually wearing clothes that are the color of a specific team, as to signify what color team is currently active.

These are the basic furni used in making a game of stack attack.


Usually games of Stack Attack are played just for fun. Not for any prize.


Traps are situations in where a players box gets stacked on by another player and there is no way that the player that gets his/her box stacked on can avoid it. Also if a user tries to stack on a player that has just started, and didn't move his/her box yet then that player automatically gets eliminated.

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