The taskbar at Hotel View (left) and when in a room (right).

The taskbar is the grey bar located on the left side of the client window. In earlier versions, it was previously located below the screen of the player. It contains icons that do certain functions.


These icons allow players to do most of the functions in the game. Note that some icons appear once you've entered a room. They are listed in order as they appear:

  • Hotel View - Clicking the "H" symbol returns the player to Hotel View.
  • Rooms - Opens the Navigator, which allows players to search for and enter other rooms.
  • Quests - Opens the Quests window, various tasks players can do around the hotel to earn pixels.
  • Games - Allows players to play official games: SnowStorm and Fast Food.
  • Shop - Opens the Catalog, which allows players to buy furni with credits or pixels. The Marketplace is also located here.
  • My stuff - Opens the player's Inventory, which contains their furni (categorized into floor furni, wall furni, and pets) and achieved badges.
  • Me - Displays an image of their Habbo's head and upper body. Clicking this icon offers another selection of options:
    • A smaller taskbar beside the main one with icons to display their profile, achievements, Habbo Helper talents, shows a list of the player's rooms (same as clicking the Me tab on the Navigator), and options to change audio and character settings (the latter is used to switch between linked characters via Habbo ID).
    • Locates the player's Habbo on the main display which options to change clothing, dance, wave, and enable effects.
    • Displays the Habbo's infobox, which shows their Habbo name, an icon that links to their home page, a full-body image of the Habbo, badges they are currently wearing, favourited group badge, motto, achievement score, and tags.

Friends taskbar

Friends taskbar

The Friends taskbar when a message is received (the speech bubble icon is normally white without an exclamation mark when no messages have been received).

The Friends taskbar is the bar located at the bottom of the client window and displays the player's online friends, along with the Messages window, allowing friends to communicate via instant messaging, the Friends window (commonly referred to as the Habbo Console due to the notability of the one found in older versions, and an ability to find new friends by being teleported to a random room. This bar will show as many online friends as possible as the width of the screen can handle. (Less wide monitors will potentually show less friends then a much wider screen). 3 (Maximum) grey "Find new Friends" buttons will fill the bottem bar if the player has no friends online, 2 if the player has only 1 friend online, and will always show at least 1 to the far to the right.