Telephrase is a hot new user-held game on Habbo.


The game is usually created using Wired Furni, which can allow triggers on furni and Habbos. In this case, Telephrase is created by setting up specific triggers and effects. The order of the stacking from bottom to top is 'User Says Keyword', 'Triggering User Is On Furni' and 'Teleport To Furni'. This means if a user says a keyword while they are on a specific furni, the user will be teleported to the selected furni (usually randomized if there are more than one furni that the teleport is linked to), therefore making the game understandable and easy to play.

Telephrase is a very popular game on Habbo.


Telephrase starts off when the owner separates the stack of Wired Furni so the whole room can teleport to the opening round of furni instead of having to be on a precise furni. When the owner sets the keyword, he or she gives out the topic, where people guess. When the Habbo correctly guesses the keyword, they are teleported to a furni in the first row. To disallow Habbo's from knowing the keyword, when a Habbo says the keyword, the keyword is said in Whisper Mode, so nobody can see it.

As soon as all the seats are filled for Telephrase, the stack is reassembled. Changes are made to teleportation and keywords, and the host soon gives out another topic related to the keyword. As soon as the keyword is guessed correctly, the Habbo is teleported into the next row, always with less chairs than the last row. Habbo's that do not make it have to teleport back to line, usually by saying 'telephrase', explaining the extra Wired Furni that the owner needs.

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