The Black Hole (also known as the "Void" and "Dead space") has been around in the earliest of Habbo versions. People in the past have managed to hack/bug ways to put posters on this black space, which is liable to a ban due to Bug exploiting or hacking.


Not until July 7, 2011, the Black hole was made into a 2x2 (dimensional) furni rug-like object that can be purchased and used to reshape rooms.

Official Article by Habbo

(Habbo Article this is quoted from)

Article image hole 03

Image used on the Official Article. (By Habbo)

"The Black Hole, a region of space from which nothing, not even a glimmer of light, can escape.... or?

The BLACK HOLE is no longer just a cosmic occurrence, it's also our latest room design concept for Habbo Club members. A piece that gives an extra dimension to your room layouts!

It's a 2x2 square that can be put down anywhere on your floor, and it will make it look as though the floor has disappeared - put it next to a wall, and the wall above disappears, too! An excellent room divider, but more so a great way to enhance the way your rooms will appear.

If you're a member of Habbo Club, or thinking of becoming one, this will basically let you build your very own custom maps, creating room designs out of the ordinary!

If you feel that your design deserves some attention, tag it "blackhole" and it will show up in our special Black Hole tag search within the Heat Wave category of the Hotel Rooms!

Try it out! It's available in the Habbo Club section of the Shop ››

* Not a Habbo Club member? Check out how you can join and what other goodies you'll get ››

  • Not enough Credits?

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Have you tried out the Black Hole at all? If you have any technical feedback for our developers, please give it here ››"



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