Ancestor Poster Official rooms were discontinued by Habbo, so this page is considered historic.
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The Capri-sun theme park was opened in July 2010 to advertise Capri-sun juice. They teamed up with habbo and made a competition were you had to buy Capri-sun drinks and type a code into a page on habbo. Most users managed to bypass the system by typing in random codes and still winning.

Room description - "Get involved to get your hands on exclusive branded Furni and loads of other great prizes."

Related to the park

Comment from Sulake

"Monday, Jul 12, 2010 / Writer: Phil Guest, EVP of Global Advertising Sales''Last week we announced a new advertising partnership with Coca Cola in the UK. The partnership sees a cross promotion of Habbo with the Capri-Sun brand on-pack and in-game including a heavy weight advertising campaign. 70 million packs of Capri Sun will be Habbo branded and 1 in 10 packs include a special virtual badge that can collected on The on-pack advertising drives customers to a landing page on Habbo, where they will be able to access ‘The Capri-Sun Summer Theme Park’ branded room. Habbos will also be able to join a Capri-sun group where they can interact and see previews of prizes and exclusive content. The community will have the chance of winning monthly limited edition bespoke Capri Sun goods as well as prizes like Nintendo Wiis and iPhones. Through this partnership with Coca Cola, we are delighted to be able to offer our community access to new and exciting content whilst reaching Capri-Sun’s target audience. This is a great example of a campaign where a brand enters the social-space of consumers and genuinely adds value to their experience and enjoyment by becoming part of the conversation on Habbo."

In the Habbo news

"Take part in our Capri-Sun Quest and you could win exclusive prizes... Good news guys! Habbo has teamed up with Capri-Sun to bring you months of fun! Get involved to get your hands on exclusive branded Furni and loads of other great prizes. We’ll be bringing you a new quest every month for four months, each with a unique Capri-Sun Furni item up for grabs.

Remember to stay tuned to the Capri-Sun group page over the coming weeks as we release further information and give you more chances to win. Only the most loyal Habbos will complete all four quests and be in the running for our Secret Stash prizes! Psst! Did someone say iPhone or Wii?"

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