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From Wednesday the 10th of November Habbo started the first "Great Habbo Give Away."

Prizes could be won every day of the week for answering a simple question in a poll which appeared in the Picnic Area.

You can read the article from Habbo about the give away by clicking here or simply read it below.

The Article

(Posted 11th November 2010)

Join our week of lottery fun for your chance at winning daily prizes and maybe even a fully furnished room! One question every day - that's all it takes for you to participate in our Grand Habbo Give Away for a chance at winning an item from our daily loot!

Every day (Nov 10, 11, 12, 15 and 16), a new question will be posted in the Picnic Area, it will stay up until the next day (the question posted Friday will stay up until Monday), and new prizes will be up for grabs!

Check back to this article to see what Prizes you can win, and who won the top prize of the previous day.

Tomorrow, hundreds of Habbos will walk away with one of the prizes below... you can be one of them, simply by entering the Great Habbo Give Away right now »

TODAY'S LOOT .. all in all, we're giving away:
* 1,000 Red Apples (pet foods)
* 500 Neon Disco Balls
* 10 Surprise Rares
* 1 ready made Home Kitchen room! (see picture below)

YESTERDAY'S LOOT .. all in all, we gave away:
* 1,000 Green Apples (pet foods)
* 500 Lost City Windows
* 10 Surprise Rares (The Golden Giant Pillow)
* 1 ready made Banzai Arena room won by xbeccy13x - Congratulations!

Check your inventory to see if YOU received a Gift from us!

Try your luck, today might just be your day!

Please note: Winners are picked at random and will receive one of the items listed above. When entering the Picnic Area, please wait for a couple of minutes for the question to appear. Winners will receive their prizes the following business day.

Check back for the next round of give-aways tomorrow!

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