Theatre 1

Audience-Area of Theatredome

The Theatredrome is a Public Space, created by Habbo staffmember -HabboOfficial-, which has an auditorium-like setup. Many celebrity visits have occurred here.


Theatre 2

Backstage area of Theatre

The Theatredrome has exactly 40 audience seats, 8 balcony seats (including the ones by the entrance), a 6 by 6 stage, and a backstage area. The backstage area contains 5 blue Anna couches, 2 fridges, and a bot named "LENNY!". The stage has working curtains, operated by switches, those of which, along with most other furni in the Theatredrome, have Public Spaces qualities,(No item description, softer look, not available in the catalog.). The stage has one microphone and nothing else.

Popular events

Important events are known to take place in the Theatredrome. To name a few:

  1. Channel 4 Protests (during The Great Mute/Unmute).
  2. Celebrity visits
  3. User planned Plays, Performances. (Those of which, unfortunately fail due to disturbances cause by other habbos who wish to spoil the fun.
  4. Group gatherings.

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