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This timeline chronologically lists all significant events leading up to both the US-Canada merge and English Hotel merge.

US-Canada Merge

Dates are from US news archives after the merge, and from articles on this wiki about the merges.

January 20

First news article released announcing news about upcoming merge [1]. A group was also created, called " and Unite"[2]. At this point, there were heavy criticism and mixed emotions after the announcement (see Criticism of the 2010 merges). Information about the merge was added to the FAQs on this day.

January 22

Second news article released by Fragwyz, a developer and member of the team responsible of the merge, with more information and stated the questions asked in the forum was being reviewed.[3]

January 29

A poll was released based on comments, questions, suggestions, and other feedback users submitted on the forum. [4]

March 25

First news article about Habbo ID, a newer login system which allows players to log into multiple accounts registered on one e-mail address.[5]

March 26

The results from the poll released on January 29 has arrived. The results showed the majority of both hotels were positive to the merge, top 5 favourite activities from both hotels, and other statistics.[6]

First week of April

The merge is supposedly planned to happen during the first week of April.

April 7

News article announcing news about the English Hotel merge.[7] Again, this announcement has caused massive criticism.

April 8

FAQs about the English Hotel merge released in a news article.[8] This article answers questions regarding rare values, time zones, and name changes.

April 12

See also: Criticism of the 2010 merges#Username clashes

Detailed information regarding name changes released.[9] Habbos needing to change their name received a $ (& for CA Habbos).

The date of the merge was also pushed back to the last two weeks of April.[10]

April 22

CA and COM accounts can now be merged with Habbo ID.[11]

April 30

The date of the merge was pushed back to the first week of May, due to a few smaller issues.[12] A poll was also released with the news.

May 4

The results of the last poll was released, and 100 random Habbos who filled in the poll received a duck.[13] This article also talked about furni compensation, which tells Habbos which furni and rares' prices will be affected by the merge.

May 5

See also: 2010 US-Canada Merge#The Merge

Habbo Canada and Habbo US finally merged at approximately 6:00 - 8:47am. A news article was released, declaring the merge a success [14]. The article also explained some issues, including incorrect badge names and descriptions, and missing minimails and groups from Canada. Immediately after the merge, tension was quickly created between Canadians and Americans. However this calmed after a while. There are still ongoing problems since it is still early into the merge, but staff are resolving them.

English Hotel Merge

April 7

First news article about the merge released.

May 31

News article released stating the merge will be pushed back. [15]

June 2

Habbo AU began its merge with on the morning of June 2. The merge took around 4 hours in total. [16] Habbo AU is the first international hotel to merge in the English Hotel merge, and UK and Singapore will soon follow.

June 4

Habbo Singapore merged with on the morring of June 4. [17]

June 10

Habbo UK merged with, completing the overall merge. [18] The news article announced a "Relaunch campaign", celebrating the relaunch of and the uniting of all English speaking hotels at the end of the week.



July 29

After about 3 months after Habbo Canada merged with Habbo US, Habbo announced groups were slowly returning back. [19] The process was according to country, with Australia starting first, then Canada, Singapore, and United Kingdom.


Late-May to early-June

Any unmerged accounts were deleted from Habbo's records. Accounts as far as 2001 were removed. Many players took advantage of this and made accounts with rare names.


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