The Trade Pass achievement badge

The Trade Pass is a special requirement and achievement used to promote safe trading. It was announced in February 18, 2009, and came into effect the following Monday.

"Without a trading pass you can't trade: you have to have an account that is 1 day old and you have to verify your email." -Official Badge Description via the Hotel


Players cannot trade unless they have a trade pass. In order to obtain one, they must've following the criteria:

To make trading safer for all users, we now require a trading pass achievement to be able to trade with other users. (Other users can still donate you furni even if you don't have trading achievement and trading turned on.) Trading pass is very easy to get, you only need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your Habbo account needs to be at least 3 days old.
  • You need to have at least 1 hour of online time in Hotel (we have started to count the online time in the beginning of February 2009. You can check your current online time level from your achievements).
  • You need to have activated your account with valid email. Click Here to do it. (Don't worry, if you have forgotten the email you gave in registration, you can easily change it now). Also, make sure your logged in.

Once players meet the criteria above, they will automatically be given the trade pass and are allowed to trade. Players can also disable trading via the settings page on Habbo, but, if the player chooses, must wait 48 hours until it can be re-enabled.


  • Despite having a symbol "I", usually implying the level of a badge, there are no other released versions of this badge.
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