Typing Showdown
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Also known as? Typing race(s)
Number of players: 5+
Furni required: Dividers, chairs
Playing time: 20-30 minutes
Skills required: Good typing skills (in terms of speed and accuracy)
Random chance: Low-medium

Typing Showdown (also called Typing races) is a user-moderated game played in guest rooms. The game is a cross between racing and typing competitions. The main objective is to avoid being the first player to reach the end of the playing field (or become the first to cross, in some variations) by quickly typing exactly what the host says correctly before the rest of the players.


The room is divided into the queue line, playing area, and VIP area. Lined up on one side of the playing area are chairs for each individual player. The rest is open space.


The game starts when all seats are filled. Typically, the host says a sentence, usually dubbed "FS/B" (First sentence/bubble). Sentence structure ranges to simple medium-length sentences to long complex ones with puncuation. The players repeat the sentence, making an exact replica of what the host said, using correct puncuation, capitals, and spelling. The first one to say the sentence correctly has the power to "p2k" (pick to kick) another player. The player whom he/she picks gets their chair moved up one tile. The next round starts when the host says "NS/B" (New sentence/bubble). This is repeated until one player reaches the end of the playing area and loses and gets to p2s, kick, rev. This cycle is further repeated until one person is remaining.

In some games, there is a rule against camping, where other players stand up in front of the chair to be moved in hopes of sitting on it first. This is similar to the rule in Don't Hit The Wall.


Instead of the first person typing the sentence correctly having to p2k, the last person who types it will move up one.

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