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Merge compensation item

Furni Line Line-Merge Compensation Furni Merge Compensation Furnicreate
Original Release 2010 English Hotel Merge (Check for all dates)
Tradeable Yes
Shop Price None Credits
Purpose Decorative
Type Floor
Value 290
Technical Data
ID 3478
String F-3478
Furni Data

(For the Blue variant of this furni, see: Blue Submarine).

The ultra marine was a gift from Habbo to those who lost value from the merge. The sub is likely based on the Cunning Fox Gamehall decorations in smaller form. It should be noted that the sub, similar to ducks, is widely used in Habbo-in this case mostly on Habbo Homes and group backgrounds. If you look closely, next to the 3 windows, there are little letters that write STANDARD.

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