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Hey Yall! Viva-La-Vida!Viva

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Due to the depressing results of the poll it has been closed.

Description All in favor, say die.
Date of original release April 7, 2009
Colors Pastey white, rojo, negro, y gris
Category of player iNsAnE!!!
Catalog Price 1/32 of a credit
Tradable? Yes
Currently in catalog? No
Notable Features Hat, mustache


Short-term: -Correct as many grammar mistakes on Habbo Wiki as humanly possible!

-Finish my page.

-KILL Get more edits than GHe.

-Capture the flag.

-Congratulate Cresthawk on leaving.

-Punch a robot in the face.

-Make the Users with most edits list.(PWND)

-Achieve eternal life.


...scratch that last one...

The Reason you looked at this page

Hello! Congratulations on navigating through the fake bans and warnings. Now then, it seems that I've finally gotten around to writing something on my page besides playing with pictures, and editing. So, I don't really feel like telling you anything about me. But, you can call me Viva-la-vida!, Viva, Green Toby10, (<- Runescape ->) Toby, Toby Gillis; King of the Wild Frontier, or anything that's not derogatory, insulting, racist, or antisemitic. Verstehen Sie?

So yeah... enjoy this page. I'll randomly be adding stuff to it when I learn how. (Videos, etc.)

History w/Sulake

Now I know this is kind of vanilla but I decided to do this section too. (You can find these on just about any other person's page...) There isn't much to say but I started playing Habbo ███ ████ ago. I made an account before Viva-la-vida!, that was called ███████, which was mainly used for fun, and to see if I could get banned, etc. ██████ soon fell into disuse. Later I tried to rememeber the password for ██████, but I couldn't. And I had some really good furni! Like ██████ and a ██████ ███. They never give that kind of furni to new players anymore... it's all just Hello furni. So after several attempts to remember the password for ██████ (I'm still trying to this day), I gave up with that and made several other accounts with names similar to ██████. For a short time, I focused my efforts on something else, and made the account you know and love today. Which, is called Viva-la-vida! By the way, the name Viva-la-vida! means ██████████████. It's actually a song by ████████.

So yeah. POW!


Great News!

I am now featured in the top 7 Users with most edits list! I have just recently beaten the dastardly Scottch! He had made 158 edits (I think way more on the other Habbos, but I'm not going to count that), and now (when this was last edited) have 169. Pow! So if you think I'm lying (shame on you), scroll your point over to community, then Users With Most Edits, and at the bottom, you should see Viva-la-vida. Due to my latest Conquests, I have surpassed both the tricksy Paul H K, and crushed(kinda) the helper from Wikia Gaming, Tedjuh10!

Wow! Just please ignore that... That's like, waaaay outdated man.

Hw grave
This Admin Has Retired.

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