A username is a name of a player's character in Habbo. It uniquely identifies the player's account.

Rare names

Main article: Rare name

A rare name is a term given to usernames considered "rare". Names are considered rare if they follow specific criteria (real words, 3 characters, etc.). Because rare names are incredibly popular, players often gain quite a bit of respect, and many players even choose to buy rare names from other players. Most rare names are created on the hotel's very first opening date.

Changing a username

See also: Criticism of the 2010 merges#Username clashes

Changing a username is not possible; anybody wishing to have a new name must create a new account, transfer their furni, and start over. However, one exception to this is if a username is unacceptable and violates the Terms and Conditions, staff may choose to issue a name change. This scenario is very rare and names will only be changed if it severely violates the Terms and Conditions.

Prior to the US-Canada merge and English Hotel merge, players with the same usernames as other international players have the option of changing their name. This strictly applies to those with clashed usernames. Names with "&" or "$" at the end are eligible to be changed.

Notable glitches

One famous glitch involving usernames was the ability to obtain any username they wish. The glitch allowed players to create usernames normally not allowed. Exploiting the glitch, many players took advantage and created names with unacceptable characters, alt codes, and even with the MOD- prefix. The glitch was sooner patched, and the glitched names were banned.

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