V7 Rares are rares that were released in version seven of Habbo. They mostly contain the same furni recolored 10 times. They come in the colors Aqua, Blue, Black, Green, Navy, Orange, Olive Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.

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Currently on the Hotel the Gold, Silver and Bronze dragons are considered super rares.

Fire Dragon Lamp Dragon reds- Bronze Dragon LampDragon bronzes- Golden Dragon Dragon golds- Forest Dragon Lamp Dragon greens

Jade Dragon Dragon jades- Blue Dragon LampDragon blued- Sky Dragon Lamp Dragon skys- Frost Dragon Lamp Dragon purples

Silver Dragon Lamp Dragon silvers- Black Dragon Lamp Dragon blacks


The pink, blue, olive green and rock pillars are considered super rares.

Doric Classic Pillar Pillar white-Doric Pink Marble Pillar Pillar pink- Leap Day Pillar Pillar brown- Doric Blue Pillar Pillar blue

Doric Graphite Pillar Pillar darkgrey- Doric Green Pillar Pillar green- Doric Terracotta Pillar Pillar terra- Doric Gold Pillar Pillar gold

Doric Olive Green Pillar Pillar olive- Doric Rock Pillar grey


The Golden and Pink oriental screens are considered super rares. The purple and aqua screens have currently not been released in the hotel.

White Oriental Screen Screen white- Pink Oriental screen Screen pink- Red Oriental Screen Screen red

Aqua Oriental Screen Screen aqua- Golden Oriental Screen Screen yellow- Grey Asian Screen Screen grey

Blue Oriental Screen Screen blue- Purple Oriental Screen Screen purple- Teal Oriental Screen Screen navy

Green Oriental Screen Screen green


The pink and blue marquee are considered super rares.

White Marquee Marquee white- Pink marquee Marquee pink- Red Marquee Marquee red- Aqua Marquee Marquee aqua

Yellow Marquee Marquee yellow- Graphite Marquee Marquee graphite- Blue Marquee Marquee blue- Purple Marquee Marquee purple

Majestic Marquee Marquee navy- Green Marquee Marquee green


The turquoise and navy pillows are considered super rares.

A Snow Drift Pillow white- Pink Giant Pillow Pillow pink- Festive Red Pillow Pillow red- Turquoise Giant Pillow Pillow aqua

Golden Giant Pillow Pillow gold- Black Giant Pillow Pillow black- Blue Giant Pillow Pillow blue- Bonnie Blonde's Pillow Pillow purple

Navy Giant Pillow Pillow navy- Green Giant Pillow Pillow green


The yellow and brown fans are considered super rares

Turquoise Powered FanFan turquoise- Superlove Pink FanFan pink- Purple Powered FanFan purple

Orange Powered FanFan ochre-Red Powered FanFan red- Fucsia Powered FanFan fuchsia- Green Powered FanFan green

Blue Powered Fan Fan blue- Brown Powered Fan Fan brown- Yellow Powered FanFan yellow


The Fuchsia and Purple ICM's are considered to be super rare.

Red Ice Cream Maker Icm red- Blue Ice Cream Maker Icm blue- Shamrock Shake Machine Icm green

Purple Ice Cream Maker Icm purple- Pink Ice Cream Maker Icm pink- Gold Ice Cream Maker Icm gold

Choco Ice Cream Maker Icm brown- Aqua Ice Cream Maker Icm aqua- Fucsia Ice Cream Maker Icm fuchsia

Ochre Ice Cream Maker Icm ochre


The Yellow Monolith is considered super rare. The Purple monolith is not in circulation and despite the set being called monoliths, only the black one is called it. The others are known as "Spaceship doors"

Pink Spaceship Door Mono pink- Yellow Spaceship Door Mono yellow- Sky Spaceship Door Mono lightblue

Jade Spaceship DoorMono jade- White Spaceship DoorMono white- Black Monolith Mono black

Aqua Spaceship DoorMono aqua- Purple Spaceship DoorMono fuchsia- Blue Spaceship DoorMono blue

Violet Spaceship DoorMono violet


The blue, purple, pink and violet smoke machines are considered super rares.

Red Smoke MachineSmoke red- Yellow Smoke MachineSmoke yellow- Blue Smoke MachineSmoke blue

Jade Smoke MachineSmoke green- Pink Smoke MachineSmoke pink- HB Zero-300Smoke black- Grey Smoke MachineSmoke white

Aqua Smoke MachineSmoke aqua- Purple Smoke MachineSmoke purple- Violet Smoke MachineSmoke violet


Only the pink laser gate is considered a super rare.

Red Laser Door Laser red- Golden Plasma Gate Laser yellow- Blue Laser Portal Laser blue- Jade Laser Portal Laser green

Pink Laser Portal Laser pink- Black Laser Portal Laser black- White Laser Portal Laser white- Turquoise Laser Portal Laser aqua

Violet Laser Portal Laser violet- Purple Laser Portal Laser purple

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