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See also: Habbo Club/Furni
Furni was a benefit from purchasing VIP. A new item is rewarded for every month of membership. This is the detailed list of VIP furni. At the moment, any HC furni rewards are optainable as monthly gifts.

'VIP gifts'

(All furni is still trade-able by all players)

Name Images Description(s) Months needed to Select Dimensions
VIP Sofa Hc3 sofa Comfort in style 1
VIP Coffee Table Hc3 table For social gatherings 1*
VIP Bar Desk Hc3 bard Set up shop 2*
VIP Light Stay in the spotlight 3*
VIP Duvan Live the life 4*
VIP Shelves Store your awards 5*
VIP Stool High and mighty 6*
VIP Divider Manage your space 7*
VIP Lamp Makes a huge statement 8*
VIP Wall Art Cubism lives on 9*
VIP Stereo Block rockin' beats 10*
VIP Vase The ultimate floral arrangement. 11*
*+1 day, making it required to buy another month of membership, thus getting a reward unlocked on day 1 of the subscription.

Former HC furni

The HC furni is still available to VIP members as monthly gifts, as it was when HC still existed.

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Name Images Description(s) Months Needed to Unlock Dimensions
Leather Sofa Stylish seating 1 1x2 (2 sit)
Glass Table Make a statement 1* 2x2
Black Lamp Sophisticated lighting 2* 1x1
Service Trolly Butler not included 3* 1x1
Black Vase Elegantly shaped 4* 1x1
Black Divider Divide the wealth 5* 1x3
Trendy Rug Luxurious comfort 6* 3x5
Leather Duvan Stretch out 7* 1x3 (lay)
Espresso Machine Morning glory 8* 1x1 (vending)
Suave Fireplace Roaring success 9* 1x2
Leather Bar Stool Sit up high 10* 1x1 (sit)
Leather Armchair Relax in style 11*

1x1 (sit)

*+1 day, making it required to buy another month of membership, thus getting a reward unlocked on day 1 of the subscription.

VIP only Shop

The Frog, Spidr, and Black holes were also available to HC members, when HC was around. However, anything added in the future will be considered VIP only.

Name Images Description(s) Notes Dimensions
Gold Frog ? No longer available. (Pet)
Special Spider ? No longer available. (Pet)
Black Hole See main article. 2x2

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