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Jul 12, 2010

Australian singer-songwriter Vanessa Amorosi is stopping by Habbo during her UK release tour for her upcoming single and album! The rising star is coming in to perform an exclusive acoustic set for Habbo, and a live webchat on July 15th from 4.30pm in the MTV VIP Lounge. Save the date!

Already a multi-million seller in her native Australia, Amorosi is set to send the UK into a spin with the release of her album ‘Hazardous’ on July 26th.

Preceded by the release of the single ‘This Is Who I Am’ on July 19th, ‘Hazardous’ – her fourth studio album - is a collection of hard-edged, guitar pop and electro anthems that ache with attitude, recalling the rock tinged chart friendly stylings of Pink and Kelly Clarkson, with teasing hints of Lady Gaga’s dancefloor swagger thrown in for good measure. You just have to love that, right??

The acoustic set will be available to view after the visit on the MTV group page »

Jul 16, 2010

The rising super star charmed everyone with her personality and performance! Vanessa Amorosi came by the office Thursday to do a live chat and perform an exclusive acoustic set for Habbo. As promised, we filmed it all!

Watch the exclusive set on the MTV Group Page »

Vanessa also left us a little message, which you can view below!

Vanessa Amorosi Habbo message00:15

Vanessa Amorosi Habbo message

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