A virus is spreading through Habbo Hotel. Many casualties reported and it could get much worse! Whether you are hoping to help infected Habbos or look after number one, get your clean hands on our terrifying Infection Furni.

Virus is a furni line that was first released for the 2008 Habboween campaign in Habbo UK before being released into other hotels. Later, Hospital furni was released with items that didn't have blood or slime. However, Virus is still commonly released with Hospital furni.


The Virus line was re-released as part of the Mint Diner campaign. It was released after the Diner in the hotel got people sick, and they had to go to the hospital.


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Bodybag Hw body bag- Bloody Hospital Bed Hw bed blood - Gooey Hospital Bed Hw bed ooze - Bloody Hospital Curtain Hw curtain blood - Gooey Hospital Curtain Hw curtain ooze- Bloody Defibrillator Hw life support blood- Gooey Defibrillator Hw life support ooze- Hospital Trolley -Hw trolley- Manhole Hw manhole - Biohazard poster Hw sign 1- Nuclear poster Hw sign 2- Bloody Bathtub Hw bath bloodGooey Bathtub Hw bath ooze- Bloody Sink Hw sink blood- Gooey Sink Hw sink ooze- Window with Blood - Big Hw window large Window with Blood - Small

Hw window small-X-Ray light Hw xray


  • During the release, the Digital TV was given a new broadcast.
    Tv 1 hween
  • The line was re-released to help fit into the Mint Diner furni add-on.

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