An example of what the game, "Volleyball" in habbo looks like. Picture from SiameseKittens's Carnival.

Volleyball, usually a game held in a carnival, is a game where there are 2 teams with 6 members each. The players will have their own number, and when their number is rolled, they have to race to the mat that's in the middle of them and their opponents.

Gameplay (Non-Carnival)

Host rolls the dice, and whoevers number is rolled has to race to the mat that corresponds with their seat. First person to get to the mat wins their team 1 point. This repeats till 1 team has a certain amount of points. At this time the winning team splits up to each side of the playing field, so each team has 3 members. Then gameplay resumes as normal and the team with the certain amount of points wins. After the other team exits, the 3 people on the remaining team roll a dice. User with the lowest number has to exit the field. Then the last two competitors face off, and the person with the certain amount of points needed wins.

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