WIRED Effect: Teleport to Furni

This Effect teleports the triggering user to a Furni. If you select more than one Furni, the user is randomly teleported to one of them.

Furni Line Line-Wired Wired
Original Release October 29, 2010
Tradeable Yes
Shop Price 5 Credits
Purpose Wired
Type Floor
Value No RV Data
Technical Data
ID ...
String ...
Furni Data

The WIRED Effect: Teleport to Furni, is part of the Wired furni line. It can be used to teleport a trigger user to a specific Furni.

Act teleport to(1)
- Catalogue image.

Video Tutorial On How To Set Up

How to Set Up WIRED Effect Teleport to Furni - Habbo Wiki07:58

How to Set Up WIRED Effect Teleport to Furni - Habbo Wiki

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