Let some sunshine in! Our windows come in many styles to give a unique look to your room. Who said your room can't have a view?

Windows is a line of furni. It has 17 different windows to choose from. A select few windows are able to be rented with Duckets. This means after being bought with Duckets, a user can only keep them for a limited time before they disappear.


70s Window Small05- Basic Window01q- Chinese Window Small07- Chinese Window Large08- Golden Window04- Grunge Window03- Window14- Romantic Window Small 09- Romantic Window Large101- Skyscraper Window15- Square Glass Window02- Bay Window13- Large Window Vsfdvxcdccdv - Diner Window Small FweSBDFSCAFSDV - 70s Window Large06- Single Window11- Double Window12

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