Yellow Game Ball
Wc ball 5
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Game on? GAME ON!

Furni Line Line-Football Football
Original Release June, 11th, 2010
Tradeable Yes
Shop Price 15 Credits
Purpose Game ball
Type Floor
Value 6
Technical Data
ID 3521
String F-3521
Furni Data
The Yellow Game Ball was released in 2010 in the Football furni line. Many habbos usually use it to make Football game rooms as well as stadiums.

Discharge from Game Shop Catalog and Return

About several months after the 19th FIFA World Cup Championship in 2010, the Habbo Staff completely disregard the sale of the "Habbo World Cup" furni in the Catalog (that includes the badges/achievements pop-ups from playing). But the sold items bought by users still works, nevertheless.

After some time, in the month of June 2012 the Catalog spawns the game furni's once again in tribute to the UEFA Euro 2012 with extras, such as sports LED screens that portray the nationality of the four admired football clubs.

Instructions of How To Play

These are some instructions to users who are troubled when playing the game due to inexperience and unfamiliarity. Notice that the instructions below may contain useful and tricky tips.

Frontal/Direct Kick: To move the ball you walk up to it by clicking the square below the ball or the ball itself, and then let your Habbo do the job. It will move to a distance in the direction you are facing. Remember that walking more than 2 steps towards the ball makes you to drive the ball rather than of kicking it.

♦ 'Hind/Rear Kick: To move the ball you walk up to it by clicking one square behind the ball, and then let your Habbo stop for a moment. Clicking anywhere (after the procedure stated before) will result in the ball moving towards the opposite direction where the specific Habbo will go. Remember that walking more than 2 steps towards the ball makes you to drive the ball rather than of kicking it.

Game Ball stuck inside goals: If you are worrying about the lack of rights in order to take the ball out, have no fear! Simply stand closely in front of the ball and click the ball continuously until the ball comes out. Be reminded, though, that too much clicks will result in having the ball getting back inside the goal - so only click as much as necessary.

Fooling/teasing the opponent: When playing, it's very nifty if you trick your opponent(s) once every moment without teamwork. You can sometimes expect the ball to move differently apart from moving directly to where you're going. To do this, click the ball repeatedly; while chasing it, try moving in a spontaneous pattern with the exception of zig-zag (it seems to work).

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