Yellow Spaceship Door
Yellow Spaceship Door
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Safe and secure in space.

Furni Line Line-Monoliths Monoliths
Original Release Unknown edit
Tradeable Yes
Shop Price Not sold
Purpose Decoration
Type Floor
Value 4,900
Technical Data
ID 1577
String F-1577
Furni Data

The Yellow Spaceship Door is a Super Rare which was uploaded amongst over V7 Rares. There are only a few in existence on due to them only being released as part of a competition prize (Funky Friday) on Habbo UK. It is the most expensive Spaceship Door on and is currently worth 4575 Credits. It has been sold in the catalogue in 3 other hotels and spotted in 1 other, thus making it one the most uncommon Spaceship Door colours globally. The motto of the Yellow Spaceship Door is "Safe and secure in space".


The Yellow Spaceship Door has been seen on 5 hotels in total, but only released on 4. Here is a list of all the sightings/releases: - Spotted in Sovia's Arcade in December 2012. - Given out as a Funky Friday competition prize in 2008. - Sold in the catalogue during March & April 2007. - Sold in the catalogue during May 2007. - Sold in the catalogue during May 2007. - Spotted in "VIP Lounge" owned by Kedo.

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